One of the most annoying things about invoices is that they come in different formats and files. MacaliWorks solves the problem and collects all invoices in one system.

All invoices that come into your business must be processed and approved. With MacaliWorks you avoid having invoices, attachments and data in different places – you get it all assembled without clutter and piles of different invoices and attachments on your desktop.

With MacaliWorks you get the great overview and a myriad of benefits, including:
– You do not have to spend time on payment, entry and manual posting
– You always know where and with whom your vouchers are
– You get an overview of all your cost invoices, which are viewed directly on the individual posting
– All your attachments will be stored in Dynamic 365 Business Central, so you can always find them again
– Never mess and disorder on your desk
– You ensure flawless and electronic data and compliance with all payment deadlines
– Automatic posting of invoices matched with existing purchase order
– You are suggested actions when approving invoices and vouchers so you do not forget to post

With MacaliWorks you will of course always get 1 hour personalized review and 1 hour personalized review of Dynamic 365 Business Central – both via remote link so that it can be customized to you and your calendar.

– Review of setup
– Creating users
– Setting up suppliers
– How to process a supplier document in MacaliWorks
– How to send it to Dynamic 365 Business Central


– Set up integration between MacaliWorks and Dynamic 365 Business Central
– Review of incoming documents
– Setting up suppliers
– Receiving and posting your first documents from MacaliWorks

Macali Apps are downloaded from Microsoft AppSource

Video introduction to MacaliWorks (UK)