About Macali

    Claus Petersen – the person behind Macali

    My name is Claus Petersen and I am the person behind the company called Macali – a one-man business with a simple and clear mission: To create effective and intuitive extensions and apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    I came up with the idea for the concept after many years working as an IT Consultant. Basically, I grew frustrated over the way that both I and my customers spent so much time inventing – and re-inventing – the same thing again and again: Endless updates, pointless routine tasks and all of those things. I thought, there had to be a smarter way of doing things!

    So, I decided to do something about it and get started as an entrepreneur. And just like I want to make life easier for my customers, I also want to keep things simple for myself. That is why a one-man setup is perfect for me – while software development is done with the help of freelance developers, I do both installation and support myself together with you and your Business Central partner. That way, I am living the good old mantra of working smarter, not harder.

    Good user experiences wrapped in smart apps

    Most companies just want installations that work straight away and without any problems. A plug-and-play solution that creates value from day one. And that is exactly what I want to do with Macali. I want to create good user experiences and a solution, that is easy to use. As simple as that.

    In that sense, Macali is also a break with all those expensive consultant hours – I want to create freedom for my customers. The freedom to spend your time and resources on what you do best. The things that create the most value for you – and not difficult IT systems that demand a lot of support and adjustments.

    We have all gotten used to downloading apps that work as soon as they are installed. That is how it is with most things in our every day life, and that is how it should be as well during working hours.

    Great ambitions accelerated by laziness

    My humble hope is that Macali will be able to deliver solutions to companies all over the world. That is the only way that we can become better; by learning from each other. I have big ambitions and a strong believe that my solutions are helping solve a more universal problem.

    Because let’s be honest: Smart solutions are driven by the laziness of humans! That is of cause a truth with some moderation, but in all honesty – no one really wants to waste their time. Automation is – among other things – a consequence of that.

    I have a great passion for what I do. Macali’s apps and extensions set companies free and save them time, money and resources. For me, time is the most important asset we have. Let’s not waste it.