With Macali’s extensions and apps, you save time, money and energy. You are quickly up and running with the apps that solve exactly what you need. Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Why use Apps og Extensions from AppSourcee?

What is Appsource and Why to Use

Microsoft AppSource is your destination to easily find and evaluate the apps from Macali and other partners and they are tested and approved by Microsoft.

If you have a unique business requirements that aren’t covered by Business Central out-of-the-box.

In the old days, for on-premise ERP systems, you’d normally have to contact your ERP vendor for help. From there, it’s a complicated journey of finding the right third-party vendors, integrating add-ons and so forth or develop your add-on. 

That means down-time. Productivity losses. Staff complaints.

The good news is that true Business Central system from big brands like Microsoft makes it much easier for you to bridge the down-time gap.

These tech giants have the R&D and sheer global reach to ensure you always access to add-on extensions and integrations in an online ‘marketplace’ like Microsoft AppSource.

Just like how you might install an app on your phone.

Like their mobile counterparts, these add-ins will integrate seamlessly with Business Central out of the box. So, you can now expand your system’s capabilities rapidly, as and when your business needs it.

And unlike ERP customizations, they’ll be ported over automatically with each upgrade. That way, you get to save on the time taken as well as the costs of having additional functionality re-implemented from scratch.

And if you prefer to shop around to see what fits you best, you can also download most apps on a free trial basis and install in a Sandbox with your data. They will not conflict with Extensions/Apps your already have installed.

In this article, we’ve shown you how you can easily bring the power of ERP to other aspects of your business, by extending its capabilities through plug-and-play add-ins from Microsoft AppSource.

Microsoft Appsource gives you

  • Free Trail 30 days
  • No conflict with other vendors software
  • Free upgrade, if used on SaaS
  • Secure and safe working software, tested by Microsoft
  • With subscription Free access to new version automatically updated in your system
  • Installing on the run, works out of the box, no need the restart or.. to interrupt work.
  • Free test in a Sandbox with your data
Why you have to pay Subscription

Business Central evolves all the time. There will be a more or less larger version about every 6 months.

Therefore, we at Macali also need to continuously maintain our Apps and Extensions so that they follow with time and development and we need money for that.

So your business always takes advantage of the latest versions and doesn’t get stuck because of a useless old Extensions / App.

I have another partner than Macali or we are not located in Denmark

As with your phone, you can install and use the Apps and Extensions as you like where ever you are located.

And those you install from Appsource does not conflicts with anything else you have installed.

And remember you can test them in the sandbox before you take it into use.

We provide you with full support on our Extensions wherever you are as a customer are located. Or with help from your current partner.

If I have NAV or Business Central installed on my Server / On prim

If you have NAV 2013 to 2017, you can not apply extensions, then you need to upgrade to Business Central, in some cases you can with nav 2018.

Do you have Business Central you can of course

To apply Extensions from Appsource, your license must be added to run the desired Extension/App