ReadyMade apps solutions opportunities
for MS Dynamics 365 Business Central

ReadyMade apps solutions opportunities
for MS Dynamics 365 Business Central

With extensions and applications from Macali, you save time, money and ressources. Get up and running quickly with readymade applications that covers your needs.

    Get up and running with deployable applications

    Macali - Autotask

    With Macali Autotask, you and your company get a complete overview of your activities in Autotask PSA – in an app that is fully integrated with your MS Dynamic 365 Business Central package.

    Macali - Fakturafil/Works

    With MacaliWorks, your business saves time, money and resources. Your employees avoid the cumbersome processes and you avoid costly mistakes.

    Macali - OIOUBL

    Macali OIOUBL is for companies that collaborate with public companies and others that use OIOUBL. The solution enables you to send electronic invoices to electronic mailboxes.

    Macali - PEPPOL

    Send PEPPOL invoices quickly and easily via the global PEPPOL network!
    Join 812,380 companies in the PEPPOL network and connect with them all through

    PEPPOL logo 

        ReadyMade for your needs

          Faster workflow in Dynamics 365 Business Central

          Avoid cumbersome processes and manual, repetitive tasks. Save time and resources and strengthen your workflows by creating synergies and cohesion in your various integrations.

          Integrations for Dyncamics 365 Business Central

          Avoid fragmented solutions and get an overall overview by gathering all tools and all data in one place. This also allows you to make better decisions on an informed basis.

          Build your Dynamics 365 Business Central

          Only your imagination sets your limits. Keep modelling your environment in Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central by integrating your tools so you can gather your activities in one place.

          Pay less and work smarter

          Claus Petersen, who is behind Macali, got the idea for easier, faster and cheaper solutions for extensions and apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

          We have all become accustomed to downloading apps that work as soon as they are installed – why shouldn’t it be the way to do that when using Dynamics 365 Business Central?

          With Macali’s extensions and apps, you save both time, money and energy. You are quickly getting started with the programs, which solves exactly what you need: via apps.

          Macali’s mission is to create extensions and apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central that work when they are installed. Don’t spend a lot of money with a consulting firm – with Macali you pay once and you know what you get.

          Why spend a lot of time and money with a consulting firm when you can get the same thing at Macali for a lot So far, Macali has developed four apps, each of which solves a specific problem that one would normally have a consultant to develop.

          Claus Petersen - Macali